Die Weinamcher

Blue Fish: Niederkirchen wines conquering the world


We have been exporting our top-quality Original Riesling, Sweet Riesling and Pinot Grigio wines to the USA since 2005 and have now tapped into new markets in Dubai and the Netherlands. The biological degradation of the acids in our wines make them soft on the palate and lend them a pleasant harmony.

Prize-winning wines:

Our Riesling won several gold medals at the "San Francisco International Wine Competition" as well as achieving leading rankings at the "Cincinati Wine Festival", at the "International Wine Challenge / London International Wine and Spirit Fair" and at "Mundus Vini". "Blue Fish" is now on the "TOP 100" list of imported brands in the USA.


„Die Weinmacher“ – winegrowers make huge efforts to preserve a healthy environment:

  • We have implemented complete soil analyses over ten years ago to reduce fertilization and protect ground water
  • We have implemented complete pheromone output over all vineyards to avoid chemical spraying against insects. This helps to protect useful creatures in the vineyards.
  • No use of GMO (genetically modified organism) at any stage of production in the vineyards and wine cellars

Blue Fish in USA

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