Die Weinamcher

Blue Fish: Niederkirchen wines conquering the world

A warm welcome to an amazing success story of the Niederkirchen winemakers: innovative, modern, an eye-catching style - these were the guidelines in 2005 for the development of today´s in the USA, Canada, Japan, Poland, Russia, Malta, Denmark, New Zealand, Israel, Iceland and in the Netherlands distributed and award-winning wine series "Blue fish".

Different grape varieties and flavors were developed in a contemporary white wine style. Thanks to malolactic fermentation, the wines are soft and pleasantly harmonious.

The striking design of the Blue Fish wine line is appealing.

More about Blue Fish Wines on our product-website www.bluefishwine.com


„Die Weinmacher“ – winegrowers make huge efforts to preserve a healthy environment:

  • We have implemented complete soil analyses over ten years ago to reduce fertilization and protect ground water
  • We have implemented complete pheromone output over all vineyards to avoid chemical spraying against insects. This helps to protect useful creatures in the vineyards.
  • No use of GMO (genetically modified organism) at any stage of production in the vineyards and wine cellars