Die Weinamcher

Enjoy a dry and fruity Riesling!

We present everything you need to know about our Riesling wines from Niederkirchen in the Palatinate.

More than 60 percent of our winegrowing areas are planted with Riesling vines. These provide the very best harvest for the Riesling wines we produce. Riesling has been a highly recommended grape variety since as long ago as the 16th century and is grown in many areas across the world. The region surrounding Niederkirchen is one of Germany's very finest Riesling growing areas. The Riesling vine produces small to medium-sized grapes, which grow densely and are green-yellow in colour with black dots. They are fruity, juicy and acidic, becoming spicy and sweet when fully mature.

Riesling – the wine

The Riesling features a fine pedigree and elegance and has an inimitable bouquet reminiscent of peaches. The preferred wines produced from the grape variety are dry and semi-dry with magnificent fruity acids. Riesling goes well with light dishes and fish. Late harvests and older wines are also a good accompaniment to stronger tasting foods. The specialist sweet Rieslings are served as an aperitif or as dessert wines.