Die Weinamcher

The winemakers

The Winemakers of Niederkirchen are vintners of proven ability with a wealth of innovative ideas and technical know-how. Our wine-growing tradition has always involved using the very latest production methods.

For more than a century, we have made it our mission in life to produce the best wines in the Mittelhaardt Region. The secret of our success lies in a perfect combination of vinters who are committed to their craft, the very highest quality of wine-growing and state-of-the art cellar technology.

The Winemakers of Niederkirchen (in conjunction with Deutsches Weintor eG) are the largest independent winemakers' association in the Rhineland Palatinate Region. The Association comprises over 500 vintners continuing the legacy of the organisation's founding fathers by cultivating vines which extend over an area of about 2000 acres. Our common goal is to produce excellent wines right across the Niederkirchen area. Our members are passionate winegrowers whose love of their craft is reflected in the high-quality wines they deliver. The winemakers of Niederkirchen adopt an innovative, personal and customer oriented approach and have been one of the top suppliers of Palatinate wines for more than a century.


1901: 36 vintners establish the Niederkirchen Vintners' Association

1968: The Niederkirchen Vintners' Association and the St. Catherine Local Cooperative amalgamate to form the Niederkirchen Vintners' Cooperative Association

1970's: More than 360 winegrowers are organised within the Cooperative association

Since 1985: Production, administration and distribution have been organised centrally from modern commercial premises

2003: The Niederkirchen Vintners' Cooperative Association becomes the Niederkirchen Winegrowers' Association

2011: Merger with Deutsches Weintor eG